Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HMVP SHOW: 10/21/2010

Link to download audio:

lahar - oddpad
looking for an answer - extintcion
nuclear assault - rise from the ashes
poison idea - alans on fire
possessed - burning in hell
brutal truth - stench of prophet
morbid angel - abomination
Carcass - genital grinder
Terrorizer - After world obliteration
SOB - over the line
Rotten Sound - calm
Naked City - blood is thin
Testament - eerie inhabitants
Neurosis - Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing (Discharge cover)
Darkthrone - Circle the wagons
Voivod - Horror
Ripcord - Ingnorant
Brutal Truth- Walking Corpse
Helloween- Starlight
Kreator- The Pestilence
Napalm Death- Scum
==Bed Intruder==
Ozzy Osbourne- S.A.T.O.
Gwar Interview
Laaz Rocket- Know Your Enemy
mic break
rainbow - can't happen here
warpig - s/t
His Hero Is Gone professional mind fuckers
Destruction - Total Disaster
Nocturnal Graves- Aggressive Exterminator

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