Thursday, January 12, 2012

HMVP show and listing for 1/12/12

Listen to the first 80 minutes here:

dismember - override of the overture
autopsy - pus/rot
nocturus - climate controller
blind illusion - smash the crystal (live)
bastard noise - skulldozer
Lawnmower Deth- Urban Surfer 123
S.O.B.- Over the Line/Humanity of Stupidity
Wild Dogs- The Evil In Me
Contropotere- Quello Che Hai
Human Remains- Fragrants of Souls
Assassin- Bullets
Escape From New York soundtrack & MIC BREAK
Dying Fetus - Bringing Back The Glory
Carcass - Ruptured in Prulecense
Regurgitate - Rifle Surgery
Dead Infection - Ars Irene's Story/Poppy-seed Cake
Gore Beyond Necropsy - a few songs
Scarver's Calling - Where The Fuck's The Hardware Section
Candlemass- Samarithan
Necros Christos- Invoked From Carrion Slumber
Judas Priest- Diamonds and Rust
Razor- The Marshall Arts
GRAB YOUR GARMIN with Steve Grimmett
sorrower - ? unreleased split ep
discordance axis - integer
violence against humanity - ? unreleased split ep
warmaster - thrones of tyranny
honduran - live fast, die you
bolt thrower - plauge beast
terror squad - shine-tsu-hiko
The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill
Immolation - No Jesus, No Beast
Voi Vod- Fuck Off and Die
Gamma Ray- When the World