Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HMVP SHOW, 3-24-11

With special guest, Lindsay...

Pagan Altar- Track 1
Saint Vitus- Born Too Late
Judas Priest- Diamonds and Rust
Pentagram- When the Screams Come
Amebix- Axeman
MC5- Kick Out the Jams
asunder - The Fall Of Elders
Darkthrone -Det Svartner Na
Corrupted - Arrestandose Solo
Ulver - Hymn IV
Noothgrush - A People Defeated Will Never Be United
mic break
Man is the Bastard - heretics fork, ether rag
autopsy - charred remains
blind illusion - blood shower
1332/el dopa - headache
oz - search lights
death - zero tolerance
beowulf - get the grind
mass - crying alone
Scorpions- No One Like You
Ozzy Osbourne- Goodbye to Romance
The Dwarves- Lick It
Axis Of Advance - Tactics Forth
Grief - I Hate You
post mortem - big, small, not at all
suppression - enslave, unable to stand
christdriver - sight

HMVP SHOW, 3-9-11

Part I:
Part II:

Parlamentarisk Sodomi- foauhfebgvd
Voi Vod- Slaughter in a Grave
Bolt Thrower - Lest We Forget
Portal - Tempus Fugit
Conqueror - Infinite Majesty
Urfaust - Der Freiwillige Bettler
Grim Reaper- Fear No Evil
Manowar- The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Metallica- Helpless
++Happy Birthday Ryan and Lucas++
Judas Priest- Hell Patrol
WASP- On Your Knees
Carcass- Buried Dreams
+mic break
alice bowie - earache my eye
no mercy (og) - die or be killed
post mortem - concealed
culprit - fight back
bondage boys - loser
rkl - feelings of hate (live)
koda kahn - fantasy and science fiction
aggression - torment or death
PLF - cyness split ep
asbestos deth - nail
obituary - gates to hell
Lotus Fucker (New EP)
Napalm Death - Retreat To Nowhere
Slayer- Reign in Blood
Watain- Endless Funeral
bimbo toolshed - sweet young thing
disrupt - doomed to extinction

Sunday, January 16, 2011

HMVP 01/13/2011 WITH RYAN!

Listen to the bone-crushing tunes of HMVP and Ryan from Engorged here:

Our track listing:

Grave Digger- Yesterday
Razor- Violent Restitution
Dismember- I Wish You Hell
Destruction- Total Disaster
Raven- Hard Ride
Electromic Wizard- Electric Funeral
Wehrmacht- Shark Attack
Deomlition Hammer- Infectious Hospital Waste
No Mercy- Master of No Mercy
Metal Duck- Stepping Stone to Hell
Holy Terror- The Immortal Wasteland
Exhorder- Anal Lust
Goblin- Fright
Bone Awl - Black Wings
Witchfinder General - Burn The Sinner
Kreator - Total Death
Ripcord - Ingnorant
Destruktor - Violence Unseen
Vordr - Wild Of Glory
Slayer - The Antichrist
hot chocolate - you sexy thing (mic break)
vital remains - amulet of the conquering
terrorizer - ripped to shreds demo 87' bootleg
morta skuld - sacraficial right
sayyadina - hostage
DBC - lies
dissection - final genocide
dirge - corrupted
terror squad - disco bloody disco
accused - grinning like an undertaker