Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HMVP a11/18/2010


Exodus- Bonded by Blood
Iron Maiden- Fear of the Dark
Whiplash- Eternal Eyes
Wild Dogs- Psychoradio
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
Little Shop of Horrors
Revenge - Death heritage
Sick Of It All - It's Clobberin' Time/Just Lies
Insect Warfare - Human Trafficking
Conqueror - Infinite Majesty
Assuck - Blood And Cloth
Disrupt - Trapped
Despise You - No More...Feelings
Excrutiating Terror - Turbulence
bombs of death - Germination
Diocletian - Doom Cult
In Disgust - Cali Smile
endless blockade - 1st song
voivod - psychic vacuum
megadeth - last rights
venom - bursting out
dri - nursing home blues
verbal abuse - i hate you
spazz - you gotta mold it
celtic frost - into the crypt of rays
brutal truth - birth of ignorance
hawkwind - ghost dance
amkev pysche out
Mic Break
Viking- Militia of DeathLaaz Rocket- Into the Asylum
Danzig and Shakira--HIPS DON'T LIE!
KNELT ROTE - Constituent Of Objection
bedemon - through the gate
secret bonus song!!!