Friday, June 18, 2010

HMVP Playlist, 06/17/2010

Listen to most of the show here:

What we played:

Suffocation- Despise the Sun
Iron Maiden- The Number of the Beast
Cathedral- Serpent Eve
Nihilist- Abnormally Deceased
Whiplash- Last Man Alive
Dark Angel- Hunger of the Undead
Suicidal Tendencies- Sorry?!
Danzig goes shopping!!
Helloween- Gorgar

mic break

sepsism - sodomizing
scarvers calling - where the fuck is the hardware section?
discharge - begining of the end
possessed - burning in hell
bent over backwards - life on hold
stapled shut - resin heaven
gory melanoma - worms
macabre - embalmer
pestilence - bacterial surgery
woormwood - TTT

mic break

Predator - Demon Witch
Venom - Black Metal
Pailhead- Don't Stand in Line
Incantation- Blasphemous Creation
Iron Butter- I Just Sharted
Gasp- Track 3
Parliamenterisk Sodomi- Dode Folk! Sokk Og Kav
Wild Dogs- Reign of Terror
Hypocrisy- Impotent God
Xi'an Drums Music- Youyuegong (Visitng the Palace of the Moon)

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